First sailing of 2023

Saturday had been a lovely day on the water and when l got home l suggested a sail on Sunday to Vicki. But the next day wasn’t as nice and Vicki didn’t want to come. So l went alone, getting aboard at 1200hrs the weather forecast was for southerly force 3-4. Being alone and also as l was wanting to check stuff out, l just unfurled the genoa and set off in an easterly direction.

Better visibility forward

Elektra was logging between 3.5 – 4.5kts, she would have been a lot faster with the mainsail but l didn’t need to be going fast to check out the systems. The weather was misty, with visibility around 3 miles. The new 140% genoa was set nice and noticeably smaller than our old 150% sail, but l liked the cut proving better forward visibility. I continued to sail east for an hour before going about and heading back. I needed to get back to Gillan before 1530hrs so l could put Elektra on her gale proof mooring in Carne Creek.

The tiller pilot worked OK and the solar will run it even on this dull day.
The new solar frame gives the feeling of more space

I sailed right into Carr Crock buoy before starting the engine, rolled away the genoa and motored onto our swing mooring to pick up the dinghy. Then headed up river to Elektra’s gale proof mooring. With easterly force 5-6 forecasted from Tuesday to Friday Elektra will be much safer there. Also with work to do on her to get her into cruising ready mode, she would be in a calmer place for the work.


7 thoughts on “First sailing of 2023

      1. Hi Bruce, all good here thanks. Boat went back in the water last week end. Just about ready for a short shakedown cruise.


  1. Great to see Elektra back — I’ll have to go back through your posts regarding the solar frame — I missed that somewhere along the line. The new 140% sounds great with the increased visibility. I am buying a new boat (a 2013 Com-Pac 23) and she’ll come with a new furling system to replace the former hank-on one she had. I’ve never used a furler before and I read, from time to time, how the furler can get jammed. Then, it’s necessary to drop the halyard to get the headsail down. I’m a bit nervous to use a furler as I’m so accustomed to the simplicity of hank-on. It will be nice to not have to go up on deck to hank the sail on, tho, I admit — as long as the furler doesn’t jam up, I’ll be happy! Fair winds!


    1. A furling system may jam in old age, 10+ years if not looked after. But normally no problem, l haven’t ever had to pull a sail down because its jammed having used them for 18 seasons


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