Leaking window

We always had a a leaking window on the port side above the cooker, never enough to really worry about, a little puddle in a plate was about it. Over the winter the window had been leaking a little more but l had put in down to driving rain on that side. It was only the gales and heavy rain when Elektra was at the riggers that l really noticed how bad it had got. All the port side saloon cushions got very wet, something had to be done!

On Thursday last the weather was good to remove the window and investigate. My only problem was the tide would be out which meant carrying all the equipment, sealants and tools out across to Elektra on her gale proof mooring. The tide holds back and runs out slower than it does when coming in, which means wearing waders to walk through the stream.

I can park near enough but this involves carrying everything down over a steep bank to a 4ft stone retaining wall, down some rocks to the muddy creek banks, wade though the stream and then a 200 yard level walk out to Elektra over a mixture of gravel, sand and mud. With so much to carry l had to do 2 journeys.

Old photo of Elektra on her gale proof mooring

Once out to Elektra, l could start removing the screws around the window while standing on my telliscopic ladder, l must say that they came out easier than l expected and window was easily removed. The old mastic had gone brittle and was crazed in lots of places, no wonder it was leaking!

Old mastic after window had been removed

Then l cleaned both window rebate and window surround to remove old mastic. It was a lovely dry blowy day idea for the job, as l have learnt in the past, l didn’t want any damp areas before resealing back in. Finally sanding to key in the new sealant.

Then apply the new sealant and screw window back into place

A few days later after heavy rain, l went out to Elektra to see if my efforts had been successful. I was very pleased to find they had been, not a drop of water anywhere aboard.


4 thoughts on “Leaking window

  1. Hi Bruce

    I re-sealed my windows about 4 years ago. This winter I had a slight leak which I thought was windows again, but now I’m thinking chainplate. I hate leaks. So glad you fixed yours.

    Tim and I are planning on meeting up in Chichester harbour Friday evening – hoping for decent weather.

    Cheers Ian ________________________________


    1. Hello Chelle
      Marine sealants have improved greatly since I first got involved with boats, we used to use mastic and hemp around bolts which only sometimes worked, lol.
      Some of the marine sealants now are great but come with other problems (stick like glue!) Which leaves you the dilemma, of do I seal it up properly or risk getting another leak? Only because I had a part tube of Sicoflex, I decided to use this and hope I did the job properly the first time!


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