Shake down days 2 and 3

With almost no wind forecasted for the next 2 days we would be using as rest days. Sailing is only part of our enjoyment of cruising, we both like just living aboard and rest days are great. Vicki likes reading, sewing and playing games on ipad, l like reading sailing magazines, checking my phone emails and social media, rowing, walking and sleeping seems to happen more when aboard.

At anchor in Channels Creek

Normally l get out first and make a coffee for us both, then Vicki gets out and makes brunch, afterwards l wash up and Vicki drys, once the dishes have been put away the day is ours to do with as we want. Around 1830hrs Vicki puts on dinner and we eat at around 1930hrs. After dinner we normally play Supper Scrabble (twice the letters and bigger board) takes about 3hrs, we will listen to music and drink a bottle of red wine. We go to bed about 2300hrs. Some rest days are used for shopping and possibly a meal ashore, if we eat ashore we would only have cheese and biscuits in the evening.


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