Day 4 we thought would be good sailing

With the promise of northwesterly force 3-4 we thought it would be good for sailing but the wind was lighter than forecasted. We didn’t leave until afternoon and sailed slowly south down the Carrick Roads and eventually out into Falmouth Bay where we thought there maybe more wind, but not much change. So we turned around and sailed for St Mawes and then motored up the Precuil River. Dropping anchor close in to the cliff due to strong east winds forecast for Tuesday evening to Thursday morning.

Precuil River, the tree sided bank offers good shelter from easterlys

On Tuesday we went by dinghy to St Mawes Sailing Club for Showers and then on to St Mawes for lunch, shopping and ice cream. Then it was back aboard Elektra and hunker down for the easterly blow until Thursday.

At anchor that evening, the forecast for the rest of the week and weekend changed dramatically,  strong winds and rain to follow the easterly blow. The plan now was to get home as soon as possible after the easterly has passed on Thursday afternoon, we had a commitment which we were trying to get out of if we could. Elektra wouldn’t float until after 1330hrs, one of the joys of what is known as “ditch crawling” on the sailing game. But ditch crawling has a lot of advantages, now as l write this Wednesday afternoon, it’s  blowing force 6 gusting 7 from the east, we can hear the wind but we aren’t affected as we have great shelter in the shallows under a steep tree lined bank. Thursday afternoon was looking like a motor home (l know only 4nm of open water) but into a force 4 gusting 6 with a big underlying easterly swells, l wasn’t looking forward to it one bit!


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