Homeward bound

On Thursday afternoon the wind changed to southwest, we were no longer in good shelter so we decided to move at high water southwest back down the Precuil River to Place Manor, only 1/2 a mile away to re-anchor in much better shelter. Close enough now we could see St Mawes Harbour was very lumpy. Here anchored at Place, Elektra would dry completely 3hrs either side of low water. Our plan had changed to motoring back to Gillan Friday morning and get ashore before the tide went out completely.

Old photo of Elektra anchored at Place

After a very pleasant night at anchor on Friday morning after high water but before Elektra dried out at 0900hrs. I pulled up her anchor and Vicki motored Elektra out into St Mawes Harbour while l cleaned her anchor and fore deck. Then going back to the cockpit l took over the helm and set coarse for Gillan. It was a little lumpy in the entrance to the Carrick Roads with wind against tide but once out into Falmouth Bay it easied a lot. The easterly swells had completely gone, only a short southerly swell with the head wind remained. We could of sailed if we had left earlier but we needed to get Elektra onto her mooring and in via dinghy to St Anthony beach before 1000hrs, so no time to waist.

We made it in the nick of time, only having to pull the outboard out of the water a little on low revs just before the beach. Then it was home for breakfast.


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