Winter waiting mooring until April comes


In the morning Bryan was amazed by the beauty of the place when he got out into the cockpit.

Just after HW we motored “Elektra” to a winter trot mooring in Carne Creek safe from all winds and only floating 2hrs ether side of HW, here she will stay until we can use her sailing seasons mooring from the 1st of April.

We inflated the roll-up dinghy and put the engine on and motored into St Anthony where we had left our car before driving to Poole, we went back home and Vicki cooked breakfast before I drove Bryan to Truro for him to catch a train back to Plymouth.

In the afternoon we went back to “Elektra” now high and dry and removed sailing stuff from our passage home. “Elektra” now awaits the sailing season and I need to do some work, watch this space for more adventures.

Once home I could read the invoice the ex owner had from the engineer about the fuel, it said “fill tank with 20lts of fresh fuel” which I now know is just 1/3 tank. It was the “fill tank” that made me think it was full, along with the unreadable fuel level pipe!



2 thoughts on “Winter waiting mooring until April comes

  1. That is one nice looking boat – and delivery trips are always interesting. Well done grabbing that weather window.


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