Sunday 2nd April

Our first sail on our own without the help of Bryan our delivery skipper. Being a all new yacht to us had me running all over the place working out how best to do things and which lines to pull on first! I got there in the end and we headed off across Falmouth Bay towards Falmouth, following 2 other yachts which were out.

We went past the first as if they were standing still, must be doing something right then, the 2nd one took a little more catching up, the skipper wasn’t happy as we glided by at 2.2-2.5kts with 4kts of wind.

We like this we thought, this was new to us as we used to be the ones watching other yachts passing us! We were not going anywhere, just where the wind blows us so to speak, we soon found that heading NE towards Fowey we could add another 1-1.5kts to the SOG, it was nice to be out on the water again sailing on this sunny day.

Time went on and we decided to turn around and head back, now close on the wind and 8-9kts of wind showing our SOG had increased to 5.5kts, Vicki was at the helm and was really enjoying the sail, with the extra speed we got back to our mooring in half the time, we had logged 11nm in 2.5hrs.

We are both looking forward to our next sail but I expect we will go somewhere and drop a hook for the night.

With east wind forecast for the coming week we decided to take her back up to her winter mooring, this we managed to do just before dark.

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