Friday 7th April

Because Friday is poets day (push or piss of early tomorrows Saturday) That is what we did, down on the boat and out to sea by 1500hr.

This time we were off for the weekend the check out all the equipment, find out what we have forgotten and clean the decks after the muddy creek.

I left Vicki on the helm, with a nice SE 6kts of wind we heady towards St Mawes to the NNE with full sail at 4-5kts SOG, a very nice sail in the sunshine, an hour and half later we dropped anchor half way up the Precuil River having logged 7nm.

The next day we set about the work we needed to do to get “Elektra” ready for the season. After our work was done we headed down in our blow-up dinghy with outboard to St Mawes partly to check the outboard but also for some shopping and a ice cream. The outboard worked well there and back but having stopped off to see a sailing friend and have a glass of wine, on the way back the motor started playing up. The following morning I tried it again, it seemed to be ok but then no the gear box/leg had stopped working, so back to the workshop with the engine.

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