Sunday 9th April

WP_20170409_09_38_45_ProSunday is a day of rest and that’s what we did, started with a late cooked breckfast with our friend Aden joining us for a cuppa afterwards and to inspect our new to us yacht, as it dose the talk of sailing to Scilly came up, Aden was going to try to go at the beginning of May for three months, with me only being able to get a week at a time off my work we are planning to go sometime in June, so agreed to meet up with Aden when we get over there.

At 1430 we lifted the anchor and headed for home, motored out of the river against the incoming tide and set just the genoa from St Mawes to cross Falmouth Bay back to Gillan, the forecasters had given W-NW4 and we wanted to try “Elektra” on just her genoa to see how well she sailed. The wind was WNW 8-14kts and this was giving us 5-6kts SOG against the tide, she handled very well and we shot thought the gap on the inside of Car Crock into Gillan Harbour in a hour and 20mins having covered 7nm.

The Precuil River had always been the place to go over a weekend on our last boat but now having sailed “Elektra” a few times now with her being so quick we are going to have to go miles more to get the enjoyment we use to get over shorter passages on our Hurley 22.

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