Friday 14th April

Having sailed Elektra a few times now Vicki and I decided to go on a longer passage.

The tide stream would be against us for six hours but we decided to head in the direction of Fowey, the forecasters were giving W2-3 increasing W4-5 later, so Fowey would be a tail wind from Gillan. We set off at 1115hrs and we were making only about 2kts over ground, after an hour or so we decided to motor a bit, this we did for about 1/2hr before the wind filled in a bit and we could make 3kts over ground goose winged. Later the wind filled in a bit more, still goose winged we were making 5kts over ground just before we rounded the Dodman Point.

We sailed inside the Yaw Rock heading for Mevagissey Bay now on a port tack we were making 6kts over ground.

We decided to anchor overnight in a cove we know called Polgwyn Cove just north of Mevagissey, going north crossing Mevagissey Bay in a westerly 5 we had a little to much sail up so we had to spill the main sail a little and we were still making between 6 and 7kts over ground, having crossed the bay we sailed into the shelter of the cove and dropped anchor at 1645hrs having logged 20nm.

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