Saturday 15th April

After a peaceful night at anchor and a lazy morning with a cooked breckfast  we decided to take a closer look at the coast of St Austell Bay.

I used our windless for the first time to lift the anchor and we motored out of the cove at 1350hrs and north towards Charlestown (old Cornish harbour, quite often used in films) we were looking for other sheltered coves to anchor for another time. Having motored north to Charlestown we then unrolled the genoa and sailed along the coast towards Polkerris in the northerly 4-5, being low water we couldn’t have a good look at Polkerris which looked like a drying anchorage with would be useful in winds from the east. We then turned south and sped up to 5kts with the wind behind, rounding Gribbin Head we headed for Cannis cardinal buoy and then cut thought the gap between the buoy and the Cannis Rock just in front of a Contessa 32 under full sail which had crossed St Austell Bay from the Dodman Point, we were logging between 5-6kts just on our genoa and we managed to keep the Contessa behind us all the way into Fowey.

Once into Fowey we rolled the genoa and motored up to the town pontoon to get some shopping and some dinner.

After we arrived back on the pontoon to find the harbour master waiting, we had been a bit longer than the 2hrs allowed, we said we were going up to Wisemans and pick up a mooring. Fowey dues once paid an email is sent, so no paperwork any more, we paid £36 for two nights, we cast off and motored up to Wisemans and moored up at 1930hrs having logged 11nm for the day.



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