Fowey to Gillan

Monday 17th April

We cast off at 1200hrs, the tide stream was with us between 1300-1900hrs, the forecast was NNW3-4, we thought we would be able to sail on just our genoa but having motored the 3.5nm to Cannis buoy we could see we needed the mainsail.

Elektra was still new to Vicki and I, we found her big and powerful compared to our last yacht, we were loving to sail on her.  

We set all the sails to cross St Austell Bay to the Dodman to the SW with a NW 5-7kts of breeze we were soon logging just over 5kts SOG, it was a lovely sail the wind picked up gently though the passage and before long we were doing a steady 6kts, we rounded the Dodman just 2hrs after dropping the mooring, by the time we got to Falmouth Bay we should had reefed the main but it never got done and the SOG had gone up to 6-7kts, we sailing into Gillan and picked up our mooring at 1630hrs, 25nm in 4.5hrs.

The tide was out so we stayed aboard and enjoyed the sunshine until there was enough water to get our punt up to St Anthony beach.

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