Sunday 23rd April

We awoke to wall to wall blue sky and sunshine, I had to inflate the roll-up dinghy to go and have a look at a RIB which I had see for sale on ebay. With our punt engine broken I rowed down the river to look and back again for cooked breckfast, just like bikes its your backside which hurts not your arms!

Vicki had been watching out for my return and when she thought I was close enough she put the eggs in the pan, so was ready when I arrived back. After we had eaten we sat in the sunshine for a while and then I got on to the washing up, more sitting in the sunshine before the time (1430) came when we needed to leave. We motored down the river and out past St Mawes and  set sail for Gillan, a nice slow sail followed 3-3.5kts across Falmouth Bay, we were gently passed by three racing yacht all with carbon fibber sails but the Bavaria 36 could not get away from us, the wind died, off August rock buoy so we all started motoring home.

We had only logged 13nm over the weekend but who cares about miles when you have time to sit in the sunshine.

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