Friday 19th of May

After three weekends had passed us by with gales and work getting in the way of sailing, this weekend looked good, Elektra had been anchored up Carne Creek for the past three weeks, so we had to get to her about 1.5hrs before HW and pick up her anchors. This we did with ease but the sounder was showing no water under the keel as we headed out of the creek, it was nice to see 0.2 showing as we headed for deeper water.

Once out of the creek we were able to moor up on our own mooring for the first time this season as it had not been serviced before. There we noticed the owners of the other Sadler 29 where aboard, we agreed we would sail together for photos, they would follow us out. I decided a reef in the main would be good, it took me a while to sort it out but got there, so we headed out of Gillan, then come a phone call to say they had a problem with their engine, no worries we said we will sail back and forth until you are ready, it was lovely sailing. Another call, they say they are going to have something to eat first and they will catch us up! OK we said and turned for Falmouth.

We goose winged across the bay until we could get on a broad reach into Pendennis Point, this was a great sail between 5-6kts, there were lots of showers around but they all mist us, not long after entering the Carrack Roads, another phone call, they said they had just had a white out hail storm, we said we had not had any rain and they couldn’t believe us, anyway they had decided to go home but they would sail over tomorrow. On hearing this we changed our direction and headed in St Mawes. We dropped anchor off Manor Place for the weekend with boat jobs to do having logged 10nm in 2hrs.

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