Sunday 21st May

We have found Elektra to be a great sailing yacht in all kind of conditions, the down side of this is we rarely use the engine for going anywhere and as we like the being aboard as much as the sailing its self we are finding we need some way to generate power. With our last yacht we used to motor a lot more because she needed a lot of wind to make her sail well. We think we will fit a good sola panel next winter.

Having been anchored all weekend I used the windless to pull up the anchor, weed! I am not sure I have ever seen so much seaweed before, must have taken me 1/2hr to clear it all, as soon as the anchor was up we were sailing on the reefed main, I cleaned the anchor and stowed it as we went. Decks cleared, back to the cockpit to unroll the genoa, out past St Mawes, it soon became clear a reef in the genoa was also needed. We would be close on the wind across the bay but would be able to do without tacking. That’s a Rassay 32 and we are going faster! Wow! Now between 5-6kts with a little slamming, I thought maybe a little less genoa which slowed up down so I let it out again. She behaved wonderfully and ploughed on though the waves, just a great sail from start to finish, as we neared Gillan I rolled away the genoa and we sailed in on the main and picked up our mooring, 6.5nm in 1.25hrs.

The end of week forecast was saying east wind again so we moved her back up Carne Creek on her anchor again.

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