Sunday 4th June

The outlook next week was looking very poor but for today the weather men were giving SW3-4, looks like it will be another sail into the wind back to Gillan.

I lifted the anchor and cleaned the decks while Vicki motored Elektra out of Channels Creek and south past Turnaware buoy, I came back to the cockpit and hauled up the mainsail, rolled out the genoa. We found we could sail south hard on the wind which was good and would save us from tacking.

We were heading for Pendennis Point, when level with Mylor we could see a ship with three tugs and pilot boat coming into the Carrick Roads from the south, not knowing where she was heading we turned east over into shallow water and passed astern of her as she headed up the channel to Turnaware, she must be going to be laid-up. Between Pendennis Pt and Black Rock there were loads of RIBs, keeping clear of them we headed out into the bay and the wind died. I started the engine and started to motor across the bay to Gillan, the wind filled in again after a mile or two and we could sail again, We started the engine again as we entered Gillan and moored up 2hrs after leaving Channels Creek. We have now logged 353nm so far this season.

Having had dinghy problems on Friday, I had blown up the roll-up on Saturday, we had not bothered stowing the dinghy again and had towed it home to see if there were any problems (not something we had done since towing a dinghy to Fowey with our H22 years before) I have to say we didn’t know it was there on the back of Elektra. Vicki helped my lower the engine from the push pit and we motored into the beach with our gear, we took this dinghy and the engine home to roll-up later. On the Monday I swapped the basket for another air RIB I was checking at home before use.

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