Friday 2nd of June

I had seen forecast for next week and decided to get away for the weekend while the weather allowed.

In the morning I changed our 8ft dory punt for 8ft RIB, we had found the dory to be too heavy to pull out of the water up a stony beach, the RIB would be easier. We came back home with the dory picked up our bags headed back to the beach and set out in the RIB for Elektra, we only found out that the RIB was a basket not a boat after we had loaded all the gear and left the shore! Vicki had to bale out as we went! arriving at Elektra, I quickly picked up the bags onto Elektra, Vicki got aboard and I set off back to the beach before the RIB sunk! I pulled the RIB out and up to the dinghy park and asked one of the boat boys to run me back to Elektra, excitement over I could think about getting Elektra ready for sea.

The forecast was NW4, something I have learnt already is that Elektra dose not need loads of sail to get her moving, I decided to put one reef in the main. we motored out of Gillan and set sail heading for Channels Creek 8nm away into the tide and wind, great to be out on the water and sailing again. We enjoyed every mile of the 14nm and 3.5hrs it took to get there, good sailing all the way.

We dropped anchor and Vicki soon had the hot drink on, not the warmest of June days.

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