Sunday 28th May

Having looked at the forecast, looked like Monday was going to be on the nose for us, so it was better for us to leave on Sunday, the tide stream wasn’t with us until 1130hrs so we didn’t have to rush off. Bit more chatting with members before the off.

The wind was forecast to increase from E3-4 to E4-6 later, not wanting to have too much sail again we set just the genoa out of Fowey at 1100hrs, we were soon logging 5-6kts SOG, the swell built from the east, all was good until the wind died 1.5hrs into passage. With the swell we had to motor until we got west of the Dodman Point and the sea motion eased and it started raining. We then sailed on again for a while until we neared the Roseland Peninsula and the swell built up again, so on with the engine. We continued to motor across Falmouth Bay and moored up in Gillan at 1530hrs having logged 24nm.


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