Sunday 2nd July

WP_20170704_08_37_13_ProThe Isles of Scilly we the place we had been trying to get to since the last time we went in 2013 but each year the weather had other ideas. Now this season with our newer bigger yacht we were determined to go, the weather was looking good for the Monday 3rd July, I had to work until afternoon of Saturday 1st.

We had planned to, spend the Sunday loading ready for a early start on Monday but looking at the weather again in the early evening said that Sunday would be the better day. This meant we had to rush around getting things ready and loading the car. Down to the beach and two trips out by punt to “Elektra” on her mooring meant it was nearly 2200hrs buy the time we were loaded and stowed. The tide stream was with us between 0415-1015hrs which meant we had to cast off at 0300hrs so it was early to bed. I didn’t sleep well and then over slept!

We cast off at 0450hrs and motored in the flat calm until we rounded Manacle Buoy at 0530hrs, over an hour late. I had text my shore contact on the way out the river with our plans. From the Manacles we sailed well until we got to out waypoint off the Lizard Point at 0710hrs. We then turned to the west for Scilly 43nm away and into a light head wind and started motoring, it was a quite lumpy sea off the Lizard but soon calmed down as we moved west. We knew before we left it would be a light head wind but with the draw on the Isles of Scilly we were going on holiday. When the CG shipping forecast came on they were saying force4-5 west of the Lizard, the internet forecast I had said force 3, f4 later. An hour after rounding the Lizard there was no wind, we were motoring in a glassy sea with a big swell from the wind the night before, as we motored west this swell fell away.

Just after 1000hrs we were joined by a huge pod of Common Dolphins which stayed with us for nearly an hour, they were lovely to see.

At 1215hrs we past the Wolf Rock lighthouse, 2hrs later than the plan, a big container ship had passed between us and Lands End 1/2hr before, apart from that we didn’t see any other ships between Wolf Rock and Scilly. At 1500hrs we cleared the shipping lanes and the Dolphins joined us again this time riding the bow wave.

The sea was now like glass with no swell and we decided to head for The Cove, St Agnes for our first night, now just 11nm away. At 1600hrs and just 3nm from The Cove the wind increased to a west force 4, we just motored on. We arrived at The Cove at 1640hrs and dropped anchor having logged 59nm. There were three other yachts anchored there.

Then in the cabin I fell asleep for two hours before inflating the roll-up dinghy and going ashore to find mobile signal to text my shore contact with safe arrival, my SC had not heard anything from me so had contacted the CG. Once back aboard I contacted Falmouth CG on the VHF to say we were safe in Scilly.

It was early to bed that evening and I slept solid for 10 hours before waking to a brite new day.

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