Tuesday 4th of July

Around midday we lifted our anchor and motored out of The Cove, St Agnes and headed for Green Bay, Bryher. The sea like a millpond we motored in thought St Marys Sound, north across St Marys Road to Nut Rock and north into New Grimsby Sound. Being that it was 2hrs before HW we expected it to be shallow so slowed the engine down to 2kt and made our way up the channel which in places we only had 0.8m under the keel, plenty really but we didn’t know if it would get even shallower.

1.5hrs later we dropped anchor in Green Bay, there we met our sailing friend “Aden” who had sailed his Cat over in April for the Gig Racing and was planning to stay until the end of July, we invited him for an evening meal.

After we were happy “Elektra” was holding we went ashore for shopping and drinking water. Just as we were leaving the shore for the shop David and Sue arrived on their yacht which is also

moored in Gillan Hr near us, we found out later they had motored all the way from Gillan that day due to lack of wind.

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