Friday 15th September

We decided a meal out would be nice so we booked a table at the Pandora Inn in Restrogret Creek just a mile by dinghy to the WSW, there had been some heavy showers so we put full wet weather gear on and lifejackets to go down there, arriving on the pontoon in sunshine it seemed a little to much.

Within 1/2 an hour it was tipping down with rain but we had ordered our food and were drinking a pint when a group on small motorboats also arrived, they had been out in the rain, it was very interesting talking to them.

We waited for the rain to stop before leaving, heading out the Creek again down came the rain again and the engine stopped! So I started to row, these roll-up dinghies are not built to be rowed are they, I tried the engine again but no joy! My legs were in the way, trying this and that I found the best way was to kneel with my bottom on the seat, the problem was my knees couldn’t stand the pain so Vicki grabbed a buoy and I looked at the engine again. I tried a few things and then it fired, next pull started, we were off not stopping now, still raining with the engine cover off, I put it back the best I could. No more problem we were soon back on Elektra, we got into the cabin and left the wet weather gear under the spray hood, then the rain set in through that night and all the next day! We even started up the cabin heater in the evening to warm us up!



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