Thursday 14th September

We had been on holiday since the 9th of September but one gale had follow another and today looked like the first possible day we could get out on Elektra.

Today the forecast was NW7-8 easing off to a NW4-5 later, the plan had been to sail to Fowey tomorrow but the forecast had changed and we didn’t think it a good idea. So we were going to cross Falmouth Bay and head up to Channels Creek and drop a hook for the weekend.

After loading and stowing the gear we dropped the mooring at 1715hrs, I had raised the main with two reefs and we motored out of Gillan and turned for Falmouth. Setting sail with all the genoa we set off across the bay and were soon logging over 6kts SOG, the wind was stronger than we expected about NW5 gusting 6 we soon reefed the genoa which never slowed us, after 20 mins or so Vicki on the helm had quite a bit of weather helm so I put three reefs in the genoa which helped the weather helm but never slowed us any. It was great to be out sailing but looking around not another sail in sight, Elektra was in the grove romping alone with very little sail. We sailed in past Pendennis Point at 1800hrs having logged 4.5nm. As per normal we lost the wind here and let out all the genoa again expecting to need to reef again when crossing Falmouth Harbour.

Heading north up the Carrick Roads against the tide we would have to tack but we had a good line for St Just in Roseland, as we passed St Mawes a group of racing yachts came out on the other tack, turning to follow us up the Roads, with full sail they couldn’t catch us! At St Just we tacked west towards Mylor, the wind wasn’t as strong now but we did have to roll in one reef in the genoa just to help the weather helm. Tacking again at Mylor with 0.8m under the keel, the tide was still going out but being a neap-tides we would be ok everywhere in the Roads. We now had a good line for Turnaware Point but the wind was easing so we let out the reef in the genoa.

We started the engine just south of Turnaware Bar to avoid having to tack again, we motored into Channels Creek and dropped anchor at 1900hrs having logged 10.5nm. Not that I saw that speed but the GPS was saying our fastest SOG was 7.8kts, which must have been in Falmouth Bay because of being against the tide in the Carrick Roads, anyway just great sailing!

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