Mast work

I had a few jobs which needed doing up the mast. I am not scared of being up high so was willing to do myself but my wife would never have been able to winch me up there so I bought a Deffee Mast Ladder.

So today was the first time I used the ladder, I had a nail/tool belt to carry what I needed and use a safety harness which could control, I also carried a strop for when I was at working height.

Climbing was easy and my wife took up the slack on the safety line, at the top I was able to get above the mast head to replace the anchor light with a LED, I also got the wind speed working again and coated with silicon spray, having done the jobs at the top of the mast I came down for a rest. Then I got the new lazyjacks ready to replace the old ones and climbed the mast again, this time I was able to sit on the spreaders to make the job easier. Now that job is done I am ready to bend on the sails again for the coming season.



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