Two days to cover 1nm!


On Saturday we got “Elektra” ready to move from her winter mooring down the river to the sea on the evening high tide, removing the bow lines and setting up a slip on the bow. I had to rerun one of the aft lines so it went over the lines of the yacht next to us and drop chains over some other lines which where floating. I also walked down the channel at low water and marked it with 8-10ft poles, on the way back clearing any tree limbs from the channel bed.

We sat and waited for the tide to float us and when it did, started the engine, let off the bow slip and pulled her out into the channel on her stern lines. Once in the channel we dropped the lines and motored slowly down the channel towards the sea. At St Anthony we picked up a stern line from a mooring buoy and took a line ashore to a tree. From there I had to walk back for the truck before picking up Vicki and driving home.WP_20180331_11_47_45_Pro

Next day having packed the pick-up with her sailing, cooking, bedding Nav gear cushions for the season and drove back to the beach to load “Elektra”. The next HW we motored her out to her summer mooring.WP_20180401_10_46_17_Pro

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