1st sail of the season

On Saturday the 7th of April we got “Elektra” ready to go sailing, it had been a while and I had forgotten which things needed doing and in which order!

The forecasters were giving variable 2-3, we thought ideal for our first sail, Vicki took us out though the mooring on the engine while I set the sails, we turned for Falmouth and stopped the engine. The wind was as the forecast said with an odd gust of 4 at times, one minute we were rushing along as 6kts the next just 2-3kts but it was lovely to be out sailing again. We had decided to return to Gillan and stay aboard for a night as the forecast was saying southerly for Sunday and we had to be back in the river by 1100hrs. Vicki was still on the helm as we turned at Pendennis Point and headed back. I then took the helm for the return crossing of the Bay. It was nice to be out sailing again and as the gusts came though and the SOG went over 6kts a smile came over my face, Vicki saw my smile and smiled back, we were enjoying this!

All over to soon, we where back to Gillan, we sailed up to the moorings and then motored into Flushing Cove and dropped anchor for the night. We have to have one night aboard each season “to fine out what we have forgotten” This year it was bread, tin opener, wine and rum, so we were a dry ship for our first overnighter!


It was a little rolly in the cove overnight but not to bad, it also soon got cold so the cabin heater went on early. The new fitted CD radio was a much better than last seasons wind-up one we had which we had to keep turning as Elektra swung around on here anchor.

After a good nights sleep we motored Elektra back up into Carne Creek for a week at anchor as east wind was forecasted from Wednesday onwards.


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