Friday April 13th

The forecast was good for the early weekend but Sunday was wind and rain. we decided to get away as early as possible on Friday which wasn’t until 1700hrs once the tide had come in high enough for Elektra to get out of Carne Creek.

It was almost a down wind sail across Falmouth Bay to the Precuil River our favourite anchorage in all of Devon and Cornwall. We sailed on just the genoa at 3-4kts, not the fastest I know but still a nice lazy sail.WP_20180413_16_36_57_Pro

It was 1800hrs when we dropped anchor but Vicki had put tea in the oven before we left Carne Creek so after I had done my jobs on deck it was ready to eat. And a great meal it was, beef casserole and baked potato, followed by a bottle of red.

The cabin heater didn’t go on so early so it must be warming up! In the evening I tried again to beat Vicki at Scrabble, I thought I might have won but I had to many high scoring letters left when Vicki got out, so I lost by 2 points!WP_20170409_09_38_45_Pro

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