Saturday 14th April

The forecast today was variable 1-2 increasing SSE4 and S6-7 later.

The plan was to leave about 1330hrs to sail back to Gillan, we needed to get Elektra back up in Carne Creek next week because of possible east wind on Wednesday, high water wasn’t until 1730hrs and we didn’t want to be to early for the tide. Talking on facebook we found out another Sadler 26 owner was leaving from the Precuil River to sail to Helford and back, so Chris Holland came over in the morning and we chatted for a while before he went off for a sail.

As planned we lifted out anchor at 1330hrs and motored out of the Precuil River, just off St Mawes we past Chris Holland coming back in after his sail and we waved.

We set a reef in the main and all the genoa and sped off across Falmouth Bay, slow to start pass Black Rock into the tide but once clear of the entrance the SOG soon increased and a steady 5.7-6.3kts, just a great sail! The wind was more like SE4 so we didn’t need to put a tack in and were soon back in Gillan, I rolled the genoa and we sailed into the mooring before starting the engine and turning into wind on our way back to our mooring to pick up the dinghy, I pulled down the main.

Next came the tricky bit,our mooring is very exposed to east wind and slowing down to pick up the mooring she began to jump up and down a lot, Vicki was on the helm and after three attempts I took over the helm and Vicki grabbed the mooring first time and I ran up on deck to help get aboard. It was not a place to stay with any comfort so once the dinghy was collected we dropped the mooring and headed up Carne Creek to anchorWP_20170320_16_54_23_Pro

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