Fowey Sadler Rally 2018 (Carter’s Cruise)


There had been a change of west country SSOA chairman, unlike last season where I was encouraged to arrange a Fowey weekend, the new chairman didn’t want it and would of stopped it if he could. I was asked by members to arrange another Fowey Rally this season but didn’t want to undermine the new chairman. But it sort of gained a momentum of its own, I thought I would contact the new chairman, to say he wasn’t happy would be understating it, we had lots of heated emails back and forth before I thought I had managed to calm the waters. Only to have the new chairman then contact the Fowey Harbour Master behind my back and tell him it was not a SSOA Sadler Rally, the HM got hold of me to say all still booked but he had changed the name of it to “Carter’s Cruise”


In the end the new chairman excepted it was going to happen but asked me not to advertise the event anywhere on SSOA website or facebook page, the word spread and I am glad to say we were not the only Sadler yacht on the pontoon.

There was a Starlight 39, 3x SL35s, Sadler 34, 2x S29s, S290, S26 and a Moody S31 all members of the SSOA but it wasn’t allowed to be a SSOA Rally. On Saturday evening all 26 of us went ashore to the Gallants SC for a meal. As far as I can tell all members enjoyed the rally.

I am hoping we will be able to make this a yearly event over the spring bank holiday weekend included in the SSOA calendar.




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