Friday 25th May

This weekend there was a planned Sadler Rally in Fowey but the wind was looking a little light, the tide stream was with us 1345-1945hrs.

Having waited for the tide to come in to get our punt out we stowed the gear and dropped the mooring at 1250hrs as crossing Falmouth Bay there was no help from the stream. We sailed for over an hour and logged just 5nm before deciding to motor sail as the chart plotter was telling us it would take until 1700hrs to get to the Dodman Pt just 9nm away.

At 1540hrs 2nm short of the Dodman Pt the wind died and I rolled the genoa and motored on a glassy sea towards Fowey, we passed Yaw Rock at 1605hrs and headed for Cannis 5nm away. Just motoring on I thought there was a wake coming in off our starboard side until I looked again, it was a large pod of Common Dolphins in line heading the other way, I dropped the control lever back to idle and Vicki and I watched them, too far away for photos but nice to see just the same.


The yacht which was following us, was now off our port side and I could see it was Chris and Julia Heath in their Starlight 39 “Etoile Filante”, I had seen them first off of Portscatho some hours before but a mile or so to the north of us, we both had to go around the Dodman Pt.  I left Vicki in the cockpit and went to the heads, then there were two VHF shouts for “Elektra” from “Etoile Filante” and “Elly Two” and when I got back to the radio they were talking to each other!

Having past Cannis Cardinal now motoring behind “EF” I had sighted the bridge of a ship heading for Fowey entrance from the harbour (towards us) I turned to starboard and motored towards the cliff, I don’t think Chris saw it but when it came into sight around the point we were both heading for the cliff.

We moored on no1 pontoon in Pont Pill at 1730hrs having logged 24nm.


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