Stowing the gear for passage to Scilly

After a hard week at work I arrived home at about 1700hrs, I needed to do some bookwork, shower, load truck and have dinner before driving down to the beach. The earliest we could get out to “Elektra” was 2100hrs due to the tide, we could see her  bounding up and down in the northeast wind.

Out in the punt to “Elektra”, Vicki climbed aboard and I passed aboard the stores for a week away. Next thing was the punt engine, not an easy thing to do with the swell which was running into Gillan but taking our time we managed to do ok. Now for stowing the stores, bounding up and down on the mooring we knew we would have to move to get a nights sleep.

Once the stores were stowed and our punt was attached to the mooring, we dropped and motored out of Gillan and headed for a sheltered anchorage, it was now dark, we motored into the Helford River and anchored off Durgan for a quite night. At 2300hrs we turned in ready for the 0400hrs get away next morning.


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