Green Bay, Bryher to St Mawes

Friday 29th June

I had been watching the weather forecasts all week for the day to get back to the mainland, it hadn’t been looking good, it seemed the east wind was in for another week, Thursday or Friday looked possible but we would be motoring into the wind and tide! Then the wind was set to blow up again with a low coming up from Biscay, more east wind! We decided on Friday, I hoped to be able to sail NE into the south going tide but best laid plans and all that!

At 0710hrs we picked up the anchor and motored out of Green Bay and south down New Grimsby Sound over the shallows, south of the Pots and Crow Rock and out passed Hats, we kept motoring until we were east of the Eastern Isles the set sail with a reef in the main and all the genoa, it was a NE3-4, on the port tack the line was good but the tide was pushing us south, on a starboard are heading was slightly west of north, it soon became clear we would have to motor west instead! I soon got the tiller pilot out for its first use this season and it did its job well all the way to the Lizard Pt.


On the bright side in the NE 3-4 we were motor-sailing west with good help from the mainsail until we got to Wolf Rock and the wind turned due east, motoring into it the sea was mod/rough, after Wolf Rock the tide and the wind was against and our SOG slowed to 3kts.


I had planned to round the Lizard Point around slack water at 1630hrs but with our slowed progress it looked like we would round the Lizard at 1800hrs. About 2hrs before getting to the Lizard I saw a ship heading bow on to us, I kept my line and we passed starboard to starboard just like passing another yacht on passage.


On rounding the Lizard Point at 1740hrs I found my way point was not south enough and so we went though the over-falls, not good! Very steep 5-6ft seas breaking white (this was my 10th time around the Lizard and never seen before). I looked for an escape route and found some calmer seas, after our escape I looked up to see our tricolour/anchor light hanging by its wire down the side of the mast! Nothing could be done about it now and we turned NE and setting sail with reefed main and reefed genoa for Manacle waypoint. Now we were sailing at 6-7kts, it was great to be sailing and it was good until Manacle Buoy at 1930hrs when the wind died away and we had to start the engine again.

We motored to St Mawes and anchored at 2115hrs having logged 63.5nm in 14hrs

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