St Mawes to Truro River pontoon (SSOA Rally)

Saturday 30th June

The next morning we had to go into St Mawes for food and showers, so I pumped up the dinghy and when we were ready we went ashore. While ashore Vicki bought us breakfast, the day was already turning into another hot one.

Back aboard the plan was to head from St Mawes to the first Truro River pontoon for a SSOA Bar-B-Q which Kevin Mitchell had arranged for that evening. I also wanted to get up the mast to save the tricolour/anchor light hanging off the mast head in the calmer waters.

We had a great sail up to Turnaware Point on just the genoa in the strong east wind, easy to roll away we motored from there to the pontoon. It was great meeting up with old sailing friends and a few new ones, I got slowly ready to climb the mast in between chatting, then the others were distracted by a boat load of girls on a hen do jumping into the water!


My first try to climb the mast I found the safety line was the wrong side of the lazy jacks so I had to come down again, 2nd time was better but I had to come down again to sort out the tools I needed. 3rd time up the mast I was able to remove most of the lamp but it I was not going to be able to re-fix it myself as I needed three hands, looks like a job for the riggers! I had to climb the mast again to duck tape the base of the lamp to the masthead, having done that I was back on the deck I was able to pack up the kit and tidy the ship before we could get ready for the Bar-B-Q.

There were 4x S26s 2x S29s and a S34 plus some other friends of Kevin who don’t own Sadler yachts, I think a good evening was had by all who came.


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