Truro River pontoon to Gillan

Sunday 1st July

There was no rush to get home and we stayed on the pontoon chatting to owners before thinking of leaving at low water but by that time a huge mat of floating weed was up against our stern and I needed to get rid of it before I started the engine, with the help of Phil Kirby and by slackening the mooring lines and a boat hook each we were able pull the weed down between Elektra and the pontoon so it floated away with the tide.

After the weed was gone I thought it was a good idea to get away before more came back so I got ready the slips and a spring before starting the engine. No need for the slips and spring because the others helped us away and we slowly motored down the river coiling the lines and bring aboard the fenders.

The forecast was easterly F2-3, on reaching Turnaware I pulled the main up which still had a reef in it from coming back from Scilly. Now 1.5hrs after low water I decided to chance sailing across the shallow areas of the Carrick Roads so turned onto sailing track pulled out the genoa and stopped engine. The wind was southerly 4 and we were soon logging 5kts with only 3ft under the keel! As the wind eased I shook the reef out of the main. It was good sailing tacking south to Mylor but the wind died away before we got to Pendennis Point. So we motored from Governor Buoy to Gillan

Back on our mooring we packed up and got Elektra ready to leave until the next time I could find the time to go sailing.

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