Cawsands to Gillan

Monday 13th August.

We were out early and picked up our anchor at 0630hrs, we had a forecast of northwest 4-5 which looked good for our passage in a west-southwest direction.

We motored out of the Cawsands, there seemed very little wind, the tide was against us until 1100hrs so we continued to motor west, thinking it would give us a better angle to the wind when it picked up from the northwest. For 5hrs nothing but westerly 3-5kts, after 2hrs of motoring west we turned back onto our GPS heading for Gillan.

At about 1230hrs the wind picked up a bit from the north-northwest which allowed us to motor-sail. At 1425hrs we picked up the mooring in Gillan having logged 39nm.

Vicki made a hot choc-drink and something to eat, after which I fell asleep for an hour in the sunshine.

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