Yealm River to Cawsands

Sunday 12th August.

After a day of rest on Friday and then the gale though Saturday and Sunday morning, I need to get home for work, the forecast was looking good for Monday.

We decided to get out of the Yealm and over to Cawsands ready for an early getaway on Monday. Sunday the forecast was southwest 4-5, we waited for the gale to die away and cast off the mooring at 1520hrs, motoring into the incoming tide our SOG was just 3kts. Having got out of the river the swell was big but no white crests, we motored on until clear of the Mew Stone and then sailed to Cawsands.

Arriving in Cawsands and dropping anchor at 1700hrs, the anchorage was very rolly but I am glad to say it eased though the night and I got a good nights sleep after going to bed early.

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