Truro City by dinghy

Saturday 8th September

We had been told the Heron Inn at Malpas was good for food and we wanted to check it out, so at lunch time we set off in the dinghy for a pint and to see the menu and maybe book a table for Saturday evening. The beer was good and the menu ok but we didn’t find anything which we wanted to go out for dinner.

The only river we hadn’t explored by dinghy was the Truro River from Malpas so it being high water we decided to take a look. I know we were only in a shallow draft dinghy but we went up the river from chart memory and the aid of the channel markers. All the way into the heart of Truro, landing at the steps and heading into Tesco for some shopping before coming out the way we came a little later, may even try in Elektra another time. Back aboard we decided to motor back down the river to Turnaware with strong south-west wind forecast, we hoped for a more sheltered night.

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