Turnaware to Gillan

Sunday 9th September


The spring tide had left us aground on the mud from 1000hrs, we knew we would be but that’s what bilge keels are for. So it was 1400hrs before we lifted our anchor and motored out to Turnaware Buoy before setting all the sail south down Carrick Roads, the wind was interesting, around westerly F3 gusting 5, sailing slowly and the next second flying along at 5kts against the incoming tide then back to sailing slowly again.


This continued all the way down the Roads until we got to Pendennis Point, from here the wind was more of a steady southwest F5 and a reef in the main was needed, after this things settled down a bit but our heading against the tide and the wind was pushing us in a south east direction so we tacked back in towards Falmouth Beach, our next making tack was much better from Falmouth Beach due south to Nare Point, we were making a steady 5kts hard on the wind. Arriving off the Nare Point we turned into wind and started the engine, rolling away the genoa and packing away the main as we went.

Motoring into Gillan and anchoring at 1645hrs having logged 11nm off Flushing Cove for the night ready to scrub Elektra’s bottom tomorrow on the low water spring tide.



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